Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs | The Doghouse - Vancouver



How do I get my dog started at daycare?

Please phone us @ 604-737-7500 to arrange for a first daycare visit appointment. We ask that the first visit be a part day only     (5 hours or less) so that your dog can have a positive introduction to our daycare without getting overtired or overwhelmed.


What vaccinations do you require?

We require that the following vaccinations are up to date:
• distemper combination
• bordetella (aka kennel cough)
• rabies


Do you accept Titre Tests?

Yes. We just need the results of the titre test to confirm that the level is sufficient to be considered effective.


How old do puppies need to be to attend daycare?

Puppies must have completed their 3rd set of puppy shots plus bordetella. Some veterinarians are now recommending that rabies be delayed a few more months and so rabies can be temporarily waived with confirmation from your vet clinic. This means puppies are generally about 4 months before they are safe to come to daycare. Please note that this policy is for the safety of your puppy!


Will you feed my dog during daycare?

Sure! Just bring along a baggie or container (no glass or ceramic please!) with your dog’s name on it and we are happy to feed your dog his lunch and/or dinner!


Can we come for a tour?

Sure! You can come by for a tour Monday-Friday right at closing time (6:30pm). We don’t offer tours during the day while the dogs are in the daycare. Please call in advance for an appointment. Thank you!


Do I have to book daycare in advance or pay if I don’t come to daycare?

No way! Aside from the first visit appointment you are welcome to bring your dog as much or as little as you like. You don’t need to let us know in advance and we don’t ever charge you for days that your dog did not come to daycare! We have never required a commitment of days from our clients. You only ever pay for the days you need.


Can I get a discounted rate?

Yes! We offer Club Cards (10 visits) or Super Cards (20 visits) at great discounted rates! Our Club Cards and Super Cards have no expiry and any unused days are always fully refundable.

What’s the catch? No catch. We want to offer great rates to our wonderful clients and so we make sure that our Cards have no strings attached!


My dog just had surgery. Can he come to daycare?

Our daycare is not set up for dogs recovering from medical procedures. It’s fun and lively and not a place for convalescing. Sorry!


Do you offer overnight boarding?

Yes we do. Rex Dog Hotel + Spa is our overnight facility. We look after dogs anywhere from one night to many weeks. Rex Dog Hotel + Spa offers 24 hour supervision in a gorgeous, state-of-the-art, 10,000 square feet facility.

Please call 604.696.5166 or check out our website for more information. (


What if I am late picking up my dog from daycare?

Please call us to let us know.

Late fees will apply at $10 for each 15 minutes past 6:30pm to a maximum of $100 for an emergency overnight fee.


Other than weekends and stat holidays are there any other days you are closed?

We are closed over the Easter weekend Friday through Monday.

We are closed over the Christmas holiday season from December 24 through to the first working day of January.


Who are the owners of The Doghouse?

The Doghouse is a family owned and operated business. We opened the daycare in 1996 and opened our overnight facility/daycare for all sizes location called Rex Dog Hotel + Spa in 2006. Barrie and Karen Balshaw are involved in all aspects of the business on a day to day basis!